Picnic Posters

You can plan the perfect picnic but you can’t predict the weather!

Picnics can be enjoyed for a variety of reasons. Whether you are hosting a social or sports club gathering, fundraisers or a work outing, a picnic can be a cost-effective way of brining people together. In Britain, especially, we hold on to any opportunity to get out when the sun is shining, and there really isn’t anything like a good old fashioned picnic.

Holding a picnic can be a great way of bringing everyone together for a day out to socialise and get to know everyone that little bit more. Even better when fun events are part of the itinerary everyone can relax and share a good laugh and a giggle.

If you want to ensure that all of your guests are aware of any events, there is no better way than using Doppler Graphics’ very own online poster and banner maker. Spread the word on social media, or by leaving quality and well-designed posters containing all of the relevant information.

Our online editor enables you to choose stunning graphics in no time at all - without cutting corners on quality. Simply select a template to your liking and begin creating your poster or social media banner to promote your event.

They say that life is no picnic, but with the help of Doppler Graphics, go on, have that well deserved picnic!