Wimbledon Posters: Making Strawberries and Cream a Dream

03 Jul 2017

The Wimbledon tennis championships are one of the foremost events in the British sporting calendar. Steeped in years of history, Wimbledon remains an enduring favourite among sports fans, with many people looking forward to the event every year.

Since the championships are so popular, it makes sense that you will want to capitalise on tennis fever and make the most of the occasion. No matter what type of tennis-themed event you are hoping to organise, one of the most important things is spreading the word and ensuring plenty of people know about your upcoming event. Use our online poster maker to create bold, bespoke posters and banners which are ideal for catching the eye of potential attendees.

Make a Poster Online For A Longstanding Summer Tradition

From organising your own amateur tennis championships to celebrating with a party on the day of the prestigious Wimbledon final, there are plenty of options for different events to host in honour of the occasion. Do some research and get creative – the more you offer, the more likely your event is to be a resounding success!

Once you have decided on the nature of your Wimbledon event, the next step is to start getting prepared and stocking up - ready to make the most of the day. If you are planning to show the live broadcast of significant matches during your event, it is vital to ensure that your TV screens are in full working order and there is plenty of space for people to gather around and watch the proceedings.

Space prepared, it’s time to start decorating! Why not take the opportunity to really get into the spirit of the game and go all out, showcasing your love for the sport while still hosting a memorable event?

Foodie Centrepieces

When it comes to food and snacks, there is one must-have essential that you simply can’t ignore. Strawberries and cream is the staple food for Wimbledon, with many a spectator pictured enjoying a bowl in the sun up on Henman Hill. Pair this delicious treat with a cool glass of Pimm’s or a refreshing soft drink.

Now that all the plans are in place, it is time to start spreading the word and raising awareness about your upcoming event. Get the word out there with top-quality posters, banners and social media graphics, ideal for raising your event’s visibility on every possible channel. Use our online poster maker to create stunning designs and striking posters perfect for broadcasting the news of your event in the utmost style.

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