Why Doppler Graphics Will Be Celebrating World Wide Web Day

29 Aug 2017

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee for creating the concept of a digital communication platform in 1989; how we conduct business has dramatically changed in less than 30 years.

Without the World Wide Web, we would not be able to offer our fantastic online poster maker service, enabling users to create amazing graphics in little to no time. Neither would you be able to read this article, or use social media and go online shopping.

It is hard to imagine a world without web browsing and emails. Some may yearn for the days when communication wasn’t so simple, but without the World Wide Web, we would not have half the opportunity as we do today.

The Reach of Online Marketing

Through the World Wide Web, marketing strategies have evolved beyond our wildest concepts. Whereas beforehand we would look to take out an advertisement in a print publication, never really knowing if the advert was seen (and if it was seen by the right people), now we can spread the word across the globe at the click of a button.

Social media advertising has arguably been the best development for targeted campaigns, allowing us to create graphics and put them in front of an audience within a specified demographic. When used correctly, this has proven to be an effective and cost sensitive marketing solution.

Using Doppler’s Online Poster Maker

Not only has the World Wide Web simplified reaching out to an audience, it has also dramatically simplified the design process. With our online poster maker, anyone can create banners and images to advertise their event.

While some software can produce average graphics at best that do not represent the brand in the best way possible, Doppler’s online solution guarantees professional designs each and every time. Simply choose a template and add your own text and images.

After previewing your design, you can download your poster in a variety of formats suitable for social media and print to use as many times as you please. This revolutionary means of creating posters for your events cuts out the need for an expensive graphics designer that may or may not meet their deadline.

Taking Control

The World Wide Web puts the user in control, much the same way as our online poster maker, that allows you to make as many changes and alterations as you please before checking out when you are happy with your design.

This is why we say thank you to Mr Berners-Lee, for opening the door to an array of design and marketing opportunities among countless others.