Spread Word of Your Fundraising Event with Doppler Graphics

03 Apr 2018

With the London Marathon approaching, now is the ideal time to let everyone know about your fundraising events. Of course, this can be done at any time of the year, but what better time than the present to learn about how you can spread the word about your fundraising event?

There are various ways to do this and it often very much depends on the event that you will be holding, but you could make your own poster and hand out flyers as well as advertising on any relevant social media platforms. But for those who are still in the dark, here are some of the best ways that you can spread the word using Doppler Graphics.

Share the News via Social Media

Social media is one of the best and most efficient ways to share any news about upcoming events and it is because of this that hundreds have adapted this idea for their own businesses. This is one reason why we have a section devoted to advertising via social media platforms.

With this, there is the option to pick a banner that will suit Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, giving you the chance to opt for whatever banner will best suit the platform as well as your audience. But no matter which banner you choose, you will need to ensure that it has all the relevant information included in the text such as when and where the fundraising event will be held. This idea is bound to get more people interested in your fundraising event and the more people, the more successful your event will be.

Advertise with Flyers

However, social media isn’t the only relevant way to advertise your London Marathon fundraising event. In fact, flyers have always been a great way to share information, especially when it comes to fundraisers. Whether you hand out your flyers or ask local businesses to display them, the more eyes that are reached, the better.

Doppler Graphics has an extensive variety of designs for flyers that can be tailored to suit your unique event. All you need to do is choose an eye-catching design and ensure that all the relevant information is added to the flyer. 

Make Your Own Poster

Similarly, you can also opt for posters to advertise your fundraising event. Again, this will work well if you are advertising locally, but you can also share your finished poster on social media to reach more people who may be interested. There are various posters that will work for this but if you would prefer, you can make your own poster and design it to reflect your specific needs.

This way, you can decide how much of the poster will be text and how much will be graphics. Of course, you won’t want to make it too text-heavy as it may detract from the overall design, but ultimately, the decision will be yours and your design will be completely unique.

So, now that you know exactly how Doppler Graphics can assist you with spreading the word of your fundraising event, all that’s left to do is to start planning! Remember, the more people that arrive the better your event will be, so make sure that you are advertising in the right way. You could even use all three approaches to broaden your horizons as much as possible, but no matter which avenue you choose, never underestimate the importance of spreading the word.