Spooky Ideas for Halloween

18 Oct 2018

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for hospitality businesses to get stuck in to the spooky celebrations, leveraging the opportunity to drive revenue and create a memorable customer experience. Here are some terrifyingly good tips to keep you ahead of the competition and scare up more business.

Offer Tickets with an Order:  Ticketed events are a good way to make additional revenue and create exclusivity around events, just be sure they’re deserving of the hype and think carefully about ticket costs-you don’t want to price people out! Tickets can be bought at a bulk-discounted price.

Have Your Employees Dressed Up: Having your employees dressed up will not only entertain the customers, but also allow employees to enjoy the Halloween mood while working.  

Halloween Food and Drink

  • Restaurants, bakery, or bars can have special Halloween menus
  • Halloween recipes include homemade pumpkin soup, apple cider…etc. 
  • There are now parties that require pumpkin pies, carrot cakes, pumpkin seeds, cookies and Halloween themed desserts
  • Also, try to use Halloween’s theme color, such as black, orange, or red.  For example, you can simply name your regular red tomato soup “vampire blood.” 
  • Providing treats for the kids are a great way to get families to dine during the day and evening.  You can award the best kids’ costume by giving them a special Halloween theme brownie (or any other prize). 
  • Rather than giving a mint with the bill you can swap with Halloween candy or confectionary. 
  • Creepy cocktails. 

Hold an Eerie Event

Choosing the type of event to appeal to your target market is crucial to pulling it off successfully. Eerie music, spooky lighting and decorations are a must. 

Ghost Tour and Haunted House: Buy a limited amount of tickets from your local ghost tour. Not every restaurant is lucky/unlucky enough to have a ghost tour in the area that brings in curious guests during the Halloween season. Naturally, they host Ghost and History tours, Ghost Story nights and Ghost Hunts.

Murder Mystery Dinner:  Where guests get character packets and a special candlelight four-course Murder Mystery dinner.

Halloween Party: Many adults also enjoy Halloween just as much as kids.  Restaurant parties offer adults a way to enjoy adult fun.  

  • Halloween themed cocktail party
  • Costume Party
  • Halloween Singles Night

Low Key Events: 

  • Halloween Themed Quiz
  • Screen a cult classic Horror film
  • Halloween Games Night


Themed competitions are useful ways of building your social media following as well as creating a buzz around any Halloween promotions or events you're holding. Choose prizes which will encourage people to enter and are appropriate to your business. For example, coffee shops might offer free coffee for a week, or restaurants might offer the chance to win a meal for 2 or offer a restaurant gift card.

  • Pumpkin-Carving Contest
  • Fancy Dress 
  • Colouring competitions for kids
  • Raffles 

Partner with other local businesses

If you want to do something extra special, you can team up with other bars to host a pub crawl. Featuring on an organised pub/bar crawl guarantees you the business of several drinking groups. Work with other local businesses to coordinate the crawl and get in touch with local student groups and businesses to promote it.


Offers and promotions are tried and tested ways to generate revenue all Think ‘2 for 1's’, ‘buy one get one free’ or complimentary starters/desserts/coffees. Why not incorporate a Halloween promotion targeting your existing customers? 

Remember to promote your Halloween special. Send out targeted promotions, newsletters or incorporate spooky designs into your website! Happy Halloween!