Rise and shine: it’s summer time!

05 Jul 2018

Summer is now officially upon us. As temperatures rise and people are spending more time outdoors to soak up the sun, here are a couple of summer promotional ideas.

Be more Outdoorsy

It's time to be outward thinking. Whatever the outdoor area, be imaginative on how your alfresco dining can be transformed into an attraction. Whether your outdoor space is a rooftop terrace, beer garden, field or balcony, now is the time to utilize that space to its full potential. So remember to mow that law, cut back those shrubs, sweep the tiles and start thinking about bringing the interior design exterior before opening those doors.

Put on an Event

Do not be put off hosting an event or two this summer. Whatever the scale, there is always an event for every establishment or business.

You may wish to organize:

  • A sporting event, whether participating, or spectating on a big screen
  • Live music, concert or dj night
  • Themed evening, such as Reggae or Caribbean
  • Promotional and seasonal: showcase your unique offering, facilities, alfresco dining, range of drinks or your delicious food. These events can be beer/cider/food festivals, pool and garden parties or summer sizzler nights
  • Charity or fundraisers
  • Targeted: events that would appeal to students or older customers, groups, or even singletons 

Summer Menu 

It may also be time to revamp that food menu for the summer palette. Mixed grills, seafoods, colder, lighter dishes could replace some of the hotter, more heavier meals on your menu. You may rethink the three course menu set-up for more buffet and sharing choices. Finger picking does not mean mini sausages and cheese on sticks. Show off your culinary talent and the picnic vibe with canapes, sharing platters, tapas or afternoon tea specials that can even bring some summer sizzle to the commonplace sandwich.

And don’t forget the drinks menu, where you can sell a wider selection of colourful fruity drinks, lighter largers, beers and cocktails. A cocktail of the day could replace wine of the month as a promotional drinks offer.

The glassware and cutlery may slightly differ too. Plastic drink containers, pitchers, mini umbrellas, colourful straws and ice buckets will make the most of the sunshine on your business.

Stay Connected

Social media carries on, even in the summer. People may be outdoors more, but then so are their smart phones and tablets. They will have more free time to engage on social networks so don’t forget about your social media accounts. It is not just the growing passing traffic, where outdoor signage will attract more customers to your door. A social media promotion or campaign can also reach that wider audience.

Take advantage of your customers’ lower stress levels and provide them with entertaining messages and promotions that they will love. And think summer. Keep campaigns fun, upbeat and active, whether it is a selfie contest or a pre-event competition challenge.

Decide on who you are targeting and the most you want for your business this summer. And don’t forget to use our creative and striking design templates to help you achieve it.