Organising a St. David's Day Event?

18 Feb 2019

For the Welsh, St David’s Day is one of the most important events in the calendar. The feast day of Saint David, Wales’ patron saint, falls on the first of March each year – according to tradition, the day that he died. 

St David’s Day is usually a national day of celebration throughout the country. If you are based in Wales, this also means that it is the perfect excuse to hold a patriotic event.

Here are some ideas:

  1. St David's Day Walk: Whether a dog walk fundraiser or a patriotic march, make the most of the beautiful Welsh outdoors and get your friends, family and local community involved.
  2. Sell Daffodils: Not just a Welsh symbol, daffodils will be high in demand for the upcoming Spring season. Sell at your venue as a simple celebration.
  3. Welsh Beer Festival: Make the most of your local craft beers and hold a beer festival event or a more simple beer tasting event.
  4. Roast Lamb Day: When a lot of people think of Wales they think of sheep, particularly as there's more sheep than people. If it is not on your menu already, contact your local butcher and organise a lamb themed night.
  5. Cake Sale: a perfect day to sell cakes. And nothing beats an old fashioned Welsh cake. 
  6. Wine and Cheese Taster: Sample some Welsh cheese. We all know Caerphilly cheese there are huge varieties of Welsh dairy. Nutty Cheddar, tangy blue, creamy goats cheese and smoked farmhouse cheeses are to name a few.
  7. Rugby Match: Rugby is in Welsh blood. Host a live sports event or even sponsor a local rugby club.
  8. Leek Soup: Saint David was a vegetarian. His monks ploughed fields by hand and didn't eat meat. And it is also believed that Saint David himself only ate leeks and drank water. Known as traditional Cawl Cennin, add to your menu as a special in honour of the patron saint.

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Show your support for your country and make St. David’s Day an occasion to remember!