Planning a Christmas Charity Event?

Christmas can be an ideal time to host a charity event. The festive season is often referred to as ‘the season of goodwill’, and many people traditionally like to donate to charities at this time of year. Heart-wrenching TV ad campaigns are rife, Christmas posters adorn shop windows, and festive flyers are posted through every letterbox.

That being said, with all the competition for your attention, it can be hard to make your event stand out. So, if you are planning a Christmas charity event this year, read on for our top tips to ensure that your event is a yuletide success!

Preparation is key

Because the market is so saturated at this time of year, you should start planning your Christmas charity event as soon as possible. Decide what you want to do and get creative! The more unique your event is, the more people are likely to be interested. To that end, don’t be afraid of trying something new. If people see that you are having fun while organising your event, they are more likely to get involved. And it is the season to be jolly and spread the Christmas cheer!

Get social!

So now you have an amazing charity event planned, what’s the next step? Simple – you need to spread the word and get people to know about your event. After all, it’s all very well having a great event planned, but if no-one knows about it then you won’t be able to raise much money for your chosen charity!

Traditional ways to get the word out there include flyers, adverts, and of course, good old word of mouth. Social media can also be an effective choice, especially if you would like to reach a wider sphere of people. At Doppler Graphics, we can help you out with all of these. (Except word of mouth – we’re afraid that’s not our specialty!) We have a great selection of Christmas-themed promotional materials that are suitable for charity events in particular, which cover all of these areas to ensure that news of your charity event will reach as many eyes and ears as possible.

Charity event Christmas posters

However, if you fancy trying something a little different and making sure that your Christmas charity event stands out from all the rest, why not try one of our Christmas posters? We have an extensive range of Christmas posters to choose from, including designs that have been created specifically with charity events in mind.

So, this Christmas, prepare to be the host of the best possible festive charity event, not a silent night! Since Christmas is the cause of celebration, here's HO HO HOping that organising and promoting your fundraising night will be snow much fun!