Make your Own Poster for Easter

06 Apr 2017

Chocolate eggs are in fashion and a four-day weekend is highlighted on the calendar – it can only mean that the Easter holidays are here.

For many, Easter is a welcome break after a hectic first quarter of the year, with an extended weekend providing us with some well-earned time off to relax with friends and family. After hitting the ground running in the aftermath of Christmas, a long weekend allows us to recharge our batteries and prepare for the rest of the year.

How we choose to spend our Easter holidays varies greatly, although one thing is for certain – chocolate eggs will definitely feature!

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts take place up and down the country, whether it is a mum and dad laying small eggs in the garden for their children or something on a much larger scale. If you are hosting your own Easter egg hunt this year, you may want to invite as many people as possible to join in this seasonal event.

With our online poster maker, you can let all of your friends know about your Easter egg hunt in style. Doppler’s colourful templates will be sure to grab your audience’s attention and build up anticipation ahead of your event.

Posters for Other Events

Of course, Easter egg hunts won’t be the only event taking place over Easter. All around the country, there will be a plethora of family-friendly activities including treasure trails, parties and more.

Also, it must not be forgotten that Easter is a religious festival, meaning that churches will be spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Many schools will be teaching students about Good Friday and Easter Sunday (otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday) in religious studies.

Whatever the event or message you are looking to spread, a picture tells a thousand words, and a great design is worth even more. Make a poster online this Easter and share exactly what Easter means to you by inviting everyone to join in your celebrations.

Easter Social Media Graphics

Show the world you are celebrating Easter with stunning social media graphics. For businesses keen to broadcast their latest holiday deals and Easter savings, our bright templates and easy to use online poster maker make reaching your customers as easy as eating a chocolate egg!

For more information on how Doppler Graphics can help you and your business convey the right message, please get in contact with us today.