Make Your Own Champions League Final Poster

01 Jun 2017

Will you be hosting a Champions League Final viewing party? If so, why not spread the word with Doppler Graphics’ fantastic online poster maker?

It is the biggest club game in the football world and this year, it takes place at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. If, like many, your view of the Champions League final will be in front of the television, then make your viewing party an event all of its own.


For pubs, events such as this mean bums on seats and drinks to hand. Fans of both sides mix with each other and share friendly banter about the game before one set of supporters orders drinks to celebrate, while the other drown their sorrows. Whatever the score, it’s a massive win for the bar.

The chances are that almost every pub will be dedicating at least one screen to the Champions League Final, so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? With the correct promotion, your viewing party will be a massive success with football fans aplenty in attendance at your event.

Promoting Your Viewing Party

A professionally designed sports poster or outdoor PVC banner to place outside of your pub or venue will help to generate the interest of locals and anyone passing by. Simply select a template from Doppler’s array of templates on our simple to use online poster maker and make your own edits as required. It’s easier than deciding between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, that’s for sure!

If you want to reach a much wider audience than those that walk past your entrance, then Facebook and Twitter is the place to invite friends and promote your event along with any accompanying offers. If your pub or bar is offering special promotions during the game, everyone needs to know about them!

Social Media Awareness

As well as creating stunning posters, our online editor can also be used as a social media banner maker. So if you want your event to show up on your audiences’ timeline, creating graphics that will grab their attention will not only ensure that your event is a success, but will complement your social media branding strategy.

The Champions League Final is one of the showpiece events of the year, up there alongside the likes of other major occasions such as the Super Bowl. Millions of fans from around the world will be tuning in to watch history unfold, so make sure that your event gets the fans chanting!