Looking Forward to 2018

26 Dec 2017

For some, December is the time to look back on the hard work of the previous 12 months. For others, it is the time to look ahead to what the next year has in store and start to put plans into motion. For any business owner or event manager, it is a time for both!

As you will already know, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into planning and marketing an event. From making the relevant arrangements, perfecting your social media branding as well as selling the tickets themselves, there simply isn’t the time to reflect on 2017 with 2018 just around the corner.

Planning Ahead

What events will you be organising in 2018? With the announcement that, in May, there will be another royal wedding you may already be planning an event to coincide with the day that is sure to see thousands of people celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Perhaps you have long had your dates set in stone for your events in 2018, which means that you can begin to spread the word. Have your marketing material, such as posters, social media branding and any adverts ready to go, leaving you more time to focus on making the event itself a success.

Social Media Branding with Doppler Graphics

With Doppler Graphics’ incredible and easy to use online editor, you are able to create stunning graphics for your social channels at the click of a few buttons. Simply access our array of templates, pick the one that you like, and edit as desired.

You can select the format best fitting for its use, with banner sizes suitable for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn featured amongst our options. Once you are happy with your social media branding design, all that is left is to download the image that can be used as many times as you want.

Your Brand in 2018

Is 2018 the year that your brand takes a different direction? If so, ensure that all materials relating to your business match your brand’s new voice. From the moment that the user lands on your social page, before reading any posts they should have a good idea of who you are.

Your brand’s voice should be unique to you, so make sure to be bold and willing to take risks because they could pay off. After all, you want to give people a reason to follow your brand, and they simply aren’t going to do that if your social media branding is off the mark.