Keep your doors open this Autumn

27 Sep 2018

Despite the weather you have many chances to bring in more customers. Autumn is full of holidays, seasonal traditions and celebrations. These tips are budget friendly, easy to launch and can boost business on cold nights. Get creative, keep marketing and have fun. 

The Ideal Partnership

Partner or sponsor with businesses or charities. They’ll promote the event to their customer base for more reach.

  • Business Networking: Business networking groups can hold midweek mixers and speed-networking events at your venue.
  • Supplier Craft Festivals: Beer enthusiasts love tasting new beers. Your bar and restaurant can promote the arrival of new brews.

Let the Games Begin

When it’s cold outside, just bring the games indoors. Bring on the friendly competition.

  • Live Trivia Night: Here you can boost business and the midweek blues. 
  • Bar Olympics: Cornhole. Beer pong. Flip cup. Bring in the competing teams! 
  • Poker Tournament: Guests go all in for poker tournaments. Texas Hold Em Poker is growing in popularity.  
  • Sponsor a Sports Team: Sponsoring an adult football or other sports team in a league is a simple promotional idea. Invite players after their game for league-only offers.
  • Darts League: Host a darts league and encourage younger players by holding monthly dart lessons.
  • Fantasy League Headquarters: Cater to fantasy football players. Host weekly football nights on the latest hottest players and statistics.

Think about PR

Get the local media interested. Below are some examples.

  • Battle of the Bartenders: Challenge your bartenders to a mix off. Offer bar promotions around the drinks they whip up and let guests vote on their favourite.
  • What are you known for?: Your homemade bread, desserts, local seafood or steak? Or Happy Hour and Craft Beers? Promote your business as the “we are known for…” 

Host Theme Nights or Hire out your Venue

Theme nights, such as 70s or 80s nights, will bring in the crowds. If not, a spare function room or venue space will attract companies, event organisers and fundraisers to host their own gathering or event.

Set the Stage 

If you have floor space, you can launch one of these promotional events.

  • Open Mic Night: Invite local DJs and bands to perform a set. 
  • Comedy Nights: You’ve already got the great food and drinks, you just need the mic and the comedians. 
  • Promote local Art: Improve your interior by featuring local artists’ work on your walls. Host a VIP gallery opening evening where the artists can talk about their art to guests. 

Targeted Promotion Ideas

Want to reach a specific audience? Here are a couple of examples.

  • Bring Singles together with regular speed dating or meet and greet nights.
  • Nearby Office Employees: Drop off discount vouchers or complimentary appetisers.
  • Seniors: Try ‘777 Seniors’: 7% off 7 days a week until 7pm.

If you serve Food, become a Foodie

If you look online or on social media, it seems like each new day is a different celebration of something food-related. For example, 1 October is World Vegetarian Day. Post weekly specials in advance to interest customers.

Explore Street Fairs

Autumn is the perfect time to check out local events, such as street fairs, food festivals and markets. Find out about vendor opportunities and hand out business cards or free giveaways/food samples with your logo on it.