Is Your Office Holding a Grand National Sweepstake?

04 Apr 2017

Office sweepstakes are all part and parcel of the Grand National. Is your workplace joining in this year? If so, every member of staff needs to know.

For many, the annual tradition of placing a bet on the Grand National is their only foray into the world of horseracing. Some place a handful of each-way bets on horses based on the name alone, while others put a pound in a pot and pick a name at random – a tradition known as the office sweepstake.

To save endless questions about what the prizes are and how much for a ticket, Doppler’s online poster maker ensures that all of the vital details are clearly visible for everyone to see.

Starting a Sweepstake

If you have been nominated to hold the office sweepstake, the first thing that you have to consider is how many people there are in your workplace. With only 40 horses in the Grand National, you may have to place a limit on how many tickets can be bought so as everyone has the chance to play.

All rules should be carefully explained before the sweepstake opens – ensure this with our online poster maker, making it simple to inform your colleagues of everything they need to know.

Deciding on Prizes

The simplest way to decide on sweepstake prizes is to pick how many places will be given a prize, with all of the money in the pot distributed across those tickets. Most sweepstakes will give prizes out for the top four horses, with 60% of the money going to first, 25% to second, 10% to third and 5% to fourth.

Once everyone has picked their ticket, make sure to take note of who picked which horse. This way, you will avoid any disagreements as to who had the winning horse when everyone is back in on Monday morning waiting for the prizes to be handed out. To settle any disagreements, you could include a list when you make your own poster to fill in and pin on a noticeboard in the office.

Making a Poster Online is Easy

With Doppler’s straightforward online poster maker, it is easy to create amazing posters without the need for years of Photoshop experience. Simply pick a template, add your desired images and text, and away you go!

Once your poster has been put up and the tickets have all been bought, all that’s left is to see who the lucky winner is… and explain how you didn't rig the sweepstake if you end up winning first prize!