How Will Your Brand Mark Social Media Day 2017?

27 Jun 2017

Social media has completely changed the game over the course of the last decade, so how will your brand be marking Social Media Day on 30th June?

In truth, every day is Social Media Day – not a single day goes by when we do not at least scroll through our timeline, whether that be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social pages.

Since Social Media Day was first celebrated in 2010, social media branding strategies have changed tenfold. What began as a convenient addition to marketing plans now has its own brainstorm altogether. Social media has changed how businesses engage with consumers and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Evolving Strategies

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook (then known as ‘The Facebook’) from his Harvard University dormitory room on 4th February 2004, he had no idea how his concept of social media would rip up the rule book as we know it.

Advertisers, of course, saw this as an opportunity to reach directly out to a targeted audience, rather than investing in a hit-and-hope print advertisement. Now businesses employ entire departments to take care of their social media branding and form new and exciting ideas of how they can get ahead of their competition.


Can you imagine the world before Twitter? It was only 11 years ago. On 21st March 2006, the first ‘tweet’ was sent and the world, as we know it, changed forever. Businesses engage with their customers like never before, and often offer round-the-clock support for their services and/or products.

In 2017, social media has become the first port of call for many when seeking support and advice. This is where social media branding is vitally important, as users must feel confident that they are engaging with an authoritative source.

Social Media Day is a day when we acknowledge the impact that these services have had, and continue to have, on our everyday life.

Social Media Day Banners

It is vital that any brand has an online presence and can easily be reached through social media platforms. To acknowledge this year’s Social Media Day, Doppler’s banner maker enables you to create stunning and striking social media graphics that show off your brand and portray any message that you desire.

To really mark the occasion, consider hosting an event and promoting through social media to maximise both its and your brand’s reach. Our easy to use editor will provide your brand with great social media graphics to grab your audience’ attention this Social Media Day.