Give Your Business a New Look on Social Media

25 Apr 2017

Great social media branding is important for any business looking to get ahead of the competition, and keeping a modern design is key.

For businesses, social media is an effective means of reaching out and interacting with customers. Larger companies will employ social media teams, whose day to day tasks are to answer queries on Facebook and Twitter, while also implementing new strategies to promote the business.

Designs only have a limited lifespan before it is time to rip up the blueprint and start again. Keeping a social media account means continually maintaining and updating a fresh and modern feel that promotes the brand and its values while encouraging users to follow, share and engage with posts.

Create Graphics

When it comes to social media, it is important to utilise images and use attractive graphics that are well suited to the audience. Bland banners and icons or text-heavy posts are not what the user wants to see on their timeline. If your business wants engagement and impressions, you have to give the audience a reason to include you in their feed.

With effective social media branding and by creating amazing and unique graphics in posts, your feed will soon be full of great content that will speak out to users, who will then be much more inclined to share your posts with their own audience.


An eye-catching header on your social media page is a great method of promoting your business. When a user clicks on your account, the header and icon are the very first things that they see. So it makes sense to utilise this space for branding and promotional purposes.

Doppler Graphics’s social media design templates make creating Facebook and Twitter graphics easy; promote your business and any events or promotions you have coming up in prime position on your social media pages. Using this space for time-sensitive content encourages you to constantly update your social graphic design, which will keep your account looking fresh - always with something of interest to your customers.

Wide Variety of Templates

When you use Doppler Graphics for your social media, you will find a plethora of templates ready to be used and edited for the requirements of you and your business.

Avoid the need to hire an expensive graphics designer - your business can enjoy the effects of utilising professional designs easily, quickly and affordably.