Everything You Need for the Perfect Bonfire Night

02 Nov 2017

Remember, remember, the fifth of November and the fantastic Bonfire Night display you’re organising this year.

When it comes to creating the perfect event, there a number of considerations you need to take into account, beyond the usual event logistics and health and safety precautions – your bonfire night posters are one of them! Without a crowd, your event would be completely wasted, so ensuring your promotional materials are up to scratch is essential.

What else goes into creating the perfect Bonfire Night event? Let’s run through the ‘essential must-have’s’ and the ‘don’t need’s but would take this to the next level’ factors that will make your event one to remember this November.

Know your Audience

When it comes to ensuring your event is sold out, fully booked and in demand, it is important to know your audience. These days, the biggest target audience for bonfire night events is primarily families, so it is important to ensure that your event caters to their needs. It’s the little thing like ear defenders and entertainment suitable for a younger demographic that will really ensure your event is a hit.

The all Important Bonfire and Fireworks

The Bonfire itself is rarely the main event these days, with the fireworks display taking precedence. With adequate health and safety provisions and regulations followed, along with the relevant authorities made aware of your event, everything should run without a hitch on the night. Wow your crowd into ooh’s and ahh’s with a stunning display  - and don’t forget the sparklers!

Penny for a Guy

One of the more traditional elements of a successful Bonfire Night involves children creating their own Guy Fawkes dummies to go on the bonfire. In days gone by, the dummies would be paraded around by children collecting money to buy fireworks. These days, however, there tend to be prizes for the best Guy Fawkes dummy and then they are placed on the bonfire in commemoration of the infamous 5th of November plot to take down the Houses of Parliament.

Food and Drink

Although the fireworks are the main event, the build-up to your display is just as important. Food and drink are always popular, especially for a cold November evening. Think along the lines of hot chocolates or maybe a spiced fruit punch, as well as toasted marshmallows and jacket potatoes for some traditional fire-fuelled snacks to keep your guests happy.  Don’t forget the toffee apples!

With the basics covered, the only thing you need to ensure your event is a sure-fire hit, you need the very best promotional bonfire night posters, flyers and banners to spread the word! Our pre-made templates are fully customisable to suit your event needs, so simply choose your design and format, fill in your event details and you’re ready to go!

We hope you all have a banging bonfire night!