Dad becomes King on Father’s Day

20 May 2019

14 unique Father’s Day events for dads to enjoy

  1. Food Extravaganza: early morning breakfasts, brunch or evening meal offers with a customised dads menu (such as gourmet BLTs or “desserts for dad”) will make the day extra special. A drinks promotion aimed at the dads will also be popular.
  2. Craft Beer Festival: a highlight in the social calendar. There is no better excuse than on Father’s Day. A chance for all the family to enjoy and sample local breweries’ craft beers and ciders. A beer festival will attract a lot of attention amongst the local community.
  3. Afternoon Grill/BBQ: Get the outdoor grill and flames going and create a special menu full of meat, salad and vegetables.
  4. Music Magic: Invite a local band for evening entertainment, either rock, blues, jazz or classical. Another option is a DJ with father themed playlist picks: from each decade. Another popular music themed event is a dads-only karaoke. Even the shyest of dads will belt out a classic favourite by the end of the evening!
  5. Sports Competitions: What Father’s Day could go ahead without a sports themed event? Whether it is golf tournament, cricket, football or rugby match, or even fun run - bring out the competitive streak in all dads that is complete with that victory trophy.
  6. Games Event: Organise a family-friendly games tournament from pub games to outdoor activities.
  7. Father’s Day Quiz: Host a trivia tournament. With the right trivia aimed at Dads, from sports to music, the event will surely be a success.
  8. Whiskey Evenings: Whiskey tasting events are always popular. Encourage distributors to promote their latest supplier cognacs and have free promotional tastings for the Dads.
  9. Afternoon with the Kids: Make Father’s Day promotions a family affair. Host a kid-friendly event with some games for them both to enjoy.
  10. Father’s Day Picnic: Hand craft a picnic basket loaded with local produce and offer the dads a free glass of bubbly.
  11. Contests: You canpromote Father’s Day around a contest. Eating contests are always popular for dads, from hot dogs and burgers to spicy chicken wings. Whatever the theme, it will be a great bragging contest amongst the dads and a social media triumph.
  12. Dad themed Raffle or Auction: All prizes will be themed for Dads, from male toiletries and hampers to golf lessons and signed memorabilia.
  13. Retro Fair: transport your dad back to the punk rock era, biker leathers or the hippy movement, a retro fair is a perfect way to allow dads to go back to the “good old days”, with stalls, food, games, gifts and merchandise for the whole family to enjoy.
  14. Classic Car or Bike Show:These events always bring in lots of attention with spectators and will be a memorable day. Invite local clubs to showcase their vehicles or offer rides for the dads.  

Dad Deserves it Promotions…

Pop Up Shop: A pop-up Dad’s themed shop selling gifts will bring in good income on the day. Who said that men don’t like shopping?

Freebies and Giveaways for Dad: Either a mystery gift, a giveaway in a bag (branded merchandise) or a sealed envelope with a voucher or discount. These freebies can be a welcome surprise for dads.

Social Media Promotion: Ask your social media followers to nominate their father’s for a “Special Dad” or “Unique Talent” award and the reasons behind it. Honour the winner or winners with a gift card or grand prize.