Business Marketing: Making Use of Social Media

09 May 2017

In order to set your business and brand apart from the rest, implementing a solid digital marketing strategy is key – for this, you must have amazing social media graphics.

Once you start, don’t stop!

There are countless examples of poorly managed social media accounts, run by owners who believe that by simply having that account, they have a solid marketing strategy that is going to return traffic and sales. It is not enough to simply be on social media.

Social media accounts are only marketing tools. If the tools are not used properly they will not be useful or productive for your business. Social media accounts require time, skill and effort in order to be utilised to their full potential. Then you will see the results of your labour.


The first step to creating a great page on any social media channel is to personalise your account. Every Twitter and Facebook page starts with the same standard generic banners and icons – as soon as anyone clicks onto your page, they should know what the account represents.

Get creative and create graphics that will grab your audience’s attention – not just as your profile picture, but remember to use stunning images as part of your posts. No one wants to view bland posts on their timelines which provide nothing more than an empty link; you have to give your followers a reason to click through.

Also, by using social media graphics in your posts, your content is taking up more space on the user’s screen, which vastly increases your chances of conversion.

Targeted Branding

For brands on social media, it is essential that any design and layout reflects the image that they are looking to portray. This should be the number one priority for anyone undertaking social media marketing.

Not only should your social media account reflect your brand, it should also speak out to your target audience – simply being, if consumers are unable to relate to your message, they are not going to follow you. Research topics that your audience feel are important to them, and incorporate this in your posts, thus relating your brand to other issues that are valued by your audience.

Be relevant

With your social media account up and running and, most of all, representing your brand’s image, the next part is staying relevant. For this, tailor your posts for seasonal events – our social media banner maker is the perfect tool, allowing you to create and develop your own graphics on an easy to use template.

By using this, your social media account can boast stunning Christmas posters during the festive period or spooky images for Halloween. Users are far more likely to engage with accounts that post relevant content, rather than exclusively about their own business.

Have Fun and Interact

Social media marketing does not need to become a time-consuming chore.  Be creative on spreading your message and engage with your followers.  There is nothing better in marketing than word of mouth to promote your business; nevertheless, social media is certainly the next best thing! Want to know more? Try out our editor today.