Bring on the Highland fling on St. Andrew’s Day

16 Nov 2018

St. Andrew's Day celebrates Scotland's patron saint. Saint Andrew was one of Christ's apostles. He died a martyr and was crucified in Greece on an X shaped cross in 60 AD (supposedly November 20) rather than the T shaped cross that Jesus was crucified on. This type of cross is called a saltire - the symbol on the Scottish flag.

So how do you celebrate St. Andrew's Day? If you love Scottish food, music and culture, St. Andrew’s Day is a great way to show off your Scottish pride! 

Dress in Scottish Tartan: Tartan is a plaid pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. You can hire a full kilt, or wear a tartan scarf, hat or shirt. 

Wish your social media a happy St. Andrew’s Day: Add posts with your friends holding the Scottish flag or wearing tartan. Or post videos of what you are offering: an event, Scottish food, whiskey, or even a Scottish food recipe tutorial.

Put up Scottish decorations: The Scottish flag will be everywhere on St. Andrews Day, so it should be a major part of your décor. Blue and white decorations are a good choice, as well as tartan patterns. 

Serve Scottish food and drink: Haggis (there is vegetarian haggis as well), neeps and tatties are a National dish. You could also offer Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway Black Pudding, Arbroath Smokies to Shetland salmon, haddock and shellfish. And consider scones and shortbread as a light alternative. 

Book a Scottish Bagpiper: Bagpipers are always a great option for any Scottish-themed event. In recent years the piper's role has expanded into a sort of master of ceremonies for the evening, therefore book an expert piper for an authentic Scottish experience. 

Scottish Dancing: Scottish celebrations tend to be high energy affairs and nothing represents this better than traditional Celtic dancers who can perform a variety of Highland dances. Or, invite your guests to join in Scottish céilidh dancing. Céilidh dancing was originally used as a courting dance for pairing off young folk and has now become a Scottish tradition for everyone to enjoy.

Hire a Céilidh Band: Typically, a Ceilidh band features a fiddle, flute, tin whistle, accordion, bodhrán, and, in more recent times, drums, guitar and bass guitar. 

Whiskey Tasting Evening: Why not organise a Whiskey tasting evening? A Whiskey tasting experience is perfect for any event with a Scottish theme and is a great way to engage guests and spark conversation. With a selection of authentic Scotches to choose from, a couple of hours of tasting will convince your guests they're a whiskey connoisseur!