A Bingo Poster for a New Generation


Calling ALL Bingo Lovers! A Bingo Event for a New Generation

If we asked you to think of bingo, we can pretty much guarantee that the first image to pop into your head will be white-haired pensioners grouped around their bingo cards on a dull weekday afternoon. However, that stereotypical image is no longer the reality.

In actual fact, bingo halls are increasingly being populated by a much younger clientele. Young people are now rubbing shoulders with their elderly counterparts playing bingo up and down the country. For that reason, both bingo halls and businesses looking to host bingo themed events need to be aware of this shift and adapt their marketing and promotional strategies accordingly.

Be business savvy and get ahead of the competition by switching up the look of your promotions and giving your bingo poster a makeover.

Shifting Climate

When planning a bingo night, it is extremely important to note the rise in popularity of online bingo. More and more people are being enticed away from traditional bingo halls towards the convenience of online bingo, so the employment of a good quality, effective marketing strategy is more important than ever.

The key to harnessing the relatively new ‘youth’ bingo market is simple. Businesses need to understand the reasons behind why younger people have become interested in the game, in order to devise an effective promotional campaign.

The biggest reason for this is that the live bingo scene has changed too, just as the portrait of the average bingo player has. Over recent years, bingo has become more exciting. Themed bingo nights, an alternative bingo scene, and a rise in the number of bingo events taking place outside of the traditional bingo hall have all contributed towards this.

Bingo is no longer seen as something that only the older generation play; instead, it is viewed as a fun and involving activity that younger people can equally enjoy too.

Be smart about your marketing

So, how do you recognise this change in the way you are marketing your bingo event? Be it a one off event or a regular occasion, it is important to attract a new, younger audience while still keeping the interest of your existing, older visitors. For that reason, striking a good balance is vital.

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With the right marketing campaign, you will be able to significantly improve the reach of your bingo event to include both old and new visitors, greatly increasing your scope for maximum success. Browse our site to see our full range of bingo posters. It's time to get the balls rolling!