Are Your Social Banners Ready for the Festive Season?

23 Nov 2017

The festive season will soon be upon us and, depending on your market; it marks the beginning of either the most hectic or the quietest period of the year. Whichever side of the fence you are on, Christmas represents the perfect opportunity to interact with customers on social media.

In the digital age, updating your social media graphics should be held in the same regard as decorating the shop floor or office. Users want to know that you are active and, by updating social banners in line with the season, they will see that your company account is not dormant.

Create Social Media Graphics

Seasonal graphics should not only represent the time of year, but they should also stay true to your business and its values. Ensure that your brand is still recognisable from your banners, and also that any images used are of the highest quality. Poorly created social media graphics and horribly pixelated images are a complete turn off to the user.

With Doppler Graphics’ online banner maker, you have the ability to create stunning graphics in our easy to use online editor. As well as social banners for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, users can also create posters and flyers, perfect for print media advertising.

Importance of Updating Social Channels

If your brand’s social media accounts are not regularly updated then you are simply missing out on a potentially lucrative avenue of opportunity. Many tech-savvy customers will look up a business’ social media accounts and if the content is sparse, this can deter people from using their services.

Many millennials, in particular, will use social channels as a primary form of contacting a business, which is why outlets such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter’s direct messages have seen such a rise in popularity within business. The speed and convenience of instant messaging services is becoming more and more popular compared to other more traditional forms of online correspondence such as email.

Plan Your Content

While it is important to keep content such as social media graphics up to date, these should be planned out in advance. Try not to find yourself in a position where you are constantly reacting, as you will only ever be on the back foot and constantly in the shadow of your competitors.

Ensure that the advantage is yours by planning all content in advance and creating stunning social media graphics with our online banner maker, making it easier than ever to create professional standard images for both print and digital platforms.