Design and Branding for the Next Generation

Aug 10, 2017

Find out why tactics like social media branding are essential for harnessing the power that young people can bring to your business.

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Make Your Own Poster on World Emoji Day

Jul 13, 2017

As the role of technology, graphics and design have developed in accordance with our increasing reliance upon the online environment. Things which were previously confined only to the web are slowly beginning to merge into our everyday lives.

The prime example of this shift in attitudes is the emoji. Starting out life as a simple graphic representation, emojis are now universally recognised symbols throughout our society. For instance, you can even make your own poster using emojis!

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Wimbledon Posters: Making Strawberries and Cream a Dream

Jul 3, 2017

The Wimbledon tennis championships are one of the foremost events in the British sporting calendar. Steeped in years of history, Wimbledon remains an enduring favourite among sports fans, with many people looking forward to the event every year.

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How Will Your Brand Mark Social Media Day 2017?

Jun 27, 2017

Social media has completely changed the game over the course of the last decade, so how will your brand be marking Social Media Day on 30th June?

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Show Dad Some Love on Father’s Day

Jun 13, 2017

 No matter what type of dad yours is, you obviously see him as the best in the world, so wouldn’t it be great for venues or event organisers to host an event or promotion that reflects that? 

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Make Your Own Champions League Final Poster

Jun 1, 2017

Will you be hosting a Champions League Final viewing party? If so, why not spread the word with Doppler Graphics’ fantastic online poster maker?

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How to Make a Poster Online with Doppler Graphics

May 30, 2017

Creating a quality poster to advertise an event no longer means employing a Photoshop wizard – all you have to do is follow these simple, easy steps.

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Business Marketing: Making Use of Social Media

May 9, 2017

In order to set your business and brand apart from the rest, implementing a solid digital marketing strategy is key – for this, you must have amazing social media graphics.

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Give Your Business a New Look on Social Media

Apr 25, 2017

Great social media branding is important for any business looking to get ahead of the competition, and keeping a modern design is key.

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Feeling Patriotic on St George’s Day?

Apr 18, 2017

Make the most of St George’s Day this year and be proud of our history by celebrating our country’s patron saint himself!

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