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09 Nov 2017


No payment card information is recorded, used or redistributed by Doppler Graphics internally or to a third party.

After purchasing your template and having received your payment confirmation, you can immediately download your files directly from Your Account.


Registering a new account is very quick and easy. Select the Register link from the top right navigation bar.

All you need to do to register is fill in your Name, Email Address and Password. This is all it takes to activate your account and begin editing, saving and purchasing your design templates.

You can then simply login and logout with your email address and password. An email confirmation will also be sent to you after you have registered your account.

Personal Information

Your personal details and contact information can be added in your Personal Information section.

Personal information can be used by Doppler Graphics to contact the customer directly regarding any site issues or purchase template queries, as well as sending updates, newsletters and promotional information. Please keep your contact details up to date.

You can opt out of receiving news and information from Doppler Graphics when setting up your account.


After editing your template, you can create a draft by selecting the Savebutton before exiting your template. The save button can be clicked multiple times during the editing process of your design template before creating a single draft for re-editing later.

Saved drafts can be re-edited at a later date instead of starting over with a blank design template. Once the draft has been saved you can select the Recreate button to access your draft. Drafts will be saved permanently unless they are deleted from your account.

Your Account

Your latest download purchases are displayed in Your Account under Your Last Order. All older purchased files are accessed from the links in Order History.

Order History

Order History  shows all your previous purchases, with links to your download files.

Information you can view in your Order History include the order purchase date, payment method (whether credit card or PayPal), order status and total amount paid. No payment information is displayed.

All purchased downloads will be available to download for up to 3 months after the date of purchase.