Format Explained

20 Nov 2017


In the era of the social media craze and the many different methods available to promote your business, fundraiser, club or event, a simple poster or flyer is only one part of  marketing campaign.

At Doppler Graphics, we facilitate a range of design formats to make the most of your advertising promotion, whether you use traditional print methods or reaching your customers online through your website or social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. All these can be created here on the Doppler Graphics website at a fraction of the cost of using a graphic designer or marketing agency.

After browsing and choosing your design, you can select a range of design formats, whether it is a poster, flyer, menu, outdoor banner or social media graphic.

You can easily select your template format, size and layout in one go from a dropdown menu, before customising your template.

All formats and sizes are the most widely used for print, online and social media purposes:

Format (Format size) Layout

  • Poster (A3/A4 size) With/Without Crop Marks
  • Flyer (A5 size) With/Without Crop Marks
  • Menu (A3/A4 size) With/Without Crop Marks
  • Outdoor PVC Banner: file size 750mm(w) x 250mm(h) With Crop Marks (full size 3 metres x 1 metre)
  • Facebook Event (784 pixels x 294 pixels) Without Crop Marks
  • Facebook/Twitter (1024 pixels x 512 pixels) Without Crop Marks


Posters and menus come in two main sizes: A3 and A4.

A5 flyers, outdoor banners and social media graphics have a no size option.


With Crop Marks: Printers marks for professional and/or personal desktop printer settings.

Without Crop Marks: Website or social media digital uploads or personal desktop printing.

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Format Explained

20 Nov 2017

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