New innovations used in girls footwear.

Women Footwear production is actual craftsmanship (παπουτσια για κοριτσια ). Yet in our very own production we have actually made a decision to use straight soling with PU (polyurethane) without using adhesives. This is extremely automated and makes it possible for very effective manufacturing, in a lasting sense as well.

Straight soling suggests that the sole is straight injected right into the sole-shape and also connects to the top of the shoe, mounted on the last. The advantages for youngsters’s feet are that the footbed can be straight integrated into the shape of the footwear as well as the material is as weightless as a result of its incredibly reduced thickness. Besides this, shoes with straight soling are extra robust, as no glue, which is typically seen as the “weak point” of the footwear, is involved. PU straight soling makes sure that the footwear are exceptionally soft, adaptable as well as light and also supply youngsters with the most effective putting on comfort.
GORE-TEX Technology

An additional innovation which is made use of in the production of our shoes in making use of various GORE-TEX membranes.

In 1969, GORE-TEX innovation changed the global outside market and ever since has rightfully been the marketplace leader in this field. From this point onwards it was possible to generate breathable and yet completely water-proof apparel as well as shoes. But this advancement was not just considerable for terrific adventurers and mountaineers. For kids, too, who such as to play outside in all weathers, GORE-TEX was a true blessing. superfit recognised this instantly and also for 25 years has been a companion of the system established by W. L. Gore, which still meets the needs of youngsters’s feet. Kids’s feet currently have just as several sweat glands as an adult’s, however over a much smaller sized surface area. It is for that reason much more crucial that children’s shoes are geared up with a simultaneously breathable and also water-absorbent cellular lining.

The GORE-TEX membrane layer has microscopically small pores. These are 20,000 times smaller sized than a water bead, yet 700 times larger than water vapour particles. This means that no water gets in from the outdoors yet that wetness from the feet can run away the footwear through the pores. This is the huge advantage over the without a doubt waterproof wellington boots: GORE-TEX footwear manage temperature level as well as the launch of dampness so that the child has a positive, dry feeling in their shoes. Similar to superfit, GORE-TEX accomplishes regular quality assurance checks. Shoes that are furnished with GORE-TEX are fit for daily use in addition to being superb for walks, taking a trip or trips to the playground.